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TheYeon Lotus Leaves Milky Foam Cleanser

Product Detail Information
TheYeon Lotus Leaves Milky Foam Cleanser

Foam type cleanser by moistly washing with soft and dense foam like condensed milk

Capacity : 150ml

| Features |

Soft, smooth and dense foams like condensed milk removes various types of wastes remaining in the skin more softly and meticulously than existing foam cleanser like rich soap foam. Eco-Certified fermented mung beans extract, berry complex, truffle mushroom extract care for the skin more moistly and flexibly. Especially, blue lotus component softly treats the skin susceptible to sharpness and the skin stimulated from outside.

| Instructions |

In washing the face, put sufficient amount on the palm, make a smooth foam with water, fully scrub to the skin texture direction like massaging, then rinse with warm water.

| Caution |

  1. If abnormal things happen as follows in using cosmetics, be sure to stop using and in case of continuous use, symptoms will be worsened, so consult a specialist dermatologist.
    A) There are abnormal conditions such as red spot, swelling, itching, stimuli etc.
    B) There are abnormal conditions at the applied part as above due to direct rays.
  2. Do not use at the abnormal parts like wound, eczema and dermatitis etc.
  3. Caution in storage and handling.
    A) After use, be sure to close the lid.
    B) Keep that out of infants' or children's reach.
    C) Do not keep at the place of high temperature or low temperature and direct rays.
  4. If it enters into eyes, then wash it out immediately.
  5. Do not use the container putting other content.
  6. This product is cosmetic, so do not eat that. If you eat that, throw it up and if there is abnormal thing, then consult the specialist doctor.

| Resolution Standard of Consumers' Disputes |

If there is any abnormal things in this product, it will be compensated by "Resolution Standard of Consumers' Disputes" published by the Fair Trade Commission.